TooDue is a PHP-based To-Do list manager. It supports prioritization, labeling, and hierarchical items.

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June 27, 2012: Subversion Update

I finally got around to updating Subversion yesterday. It now has version 0.1.8 as well as the mods, and some defunct versions that were never finished.

March 14, 2012: TooDue 0.1.8 -- Now with templating!

After a long hiatus, I finally got around to writing TooDue 0.1.8. This release fixes a number of bugs and adds a few features that I've wanted for a while. It addsbasic password protection in case it is installed on a public server, and included an update checker. Most importantly, the new version uses the Smarty templating engine. This allows even more customizaton of themes. It also seperates the display logic from the application logic, as the two were getting badly tangled up. Download the new version:

August 2, 2011: TooDue 0.1.7

TooDue 0.1.7 is now available. It features a redesigned mods architecture, a number of bugfixes, and a redesigned installer.

July 3, 2011: TooDue 0.2.0

TooDue 0.2.0 will be a complete rewrite of TooDue, featuring templates, plug-ins, support for multiple types of databases, and a completely rewritten codebase. TooDue was originally written for me only, and later put on the Internet. Because of this, it has some extremely rough edges, which will be fixed when 0.2.0 comes out.

June 30, 2011: Demo Mode

TooDue now has a demo mode. You can try TooDue out online at or download the demo add-on from

June 28, 2011: TooDue v0.1.6 Now Available

The latest version of TooDue (0.1.6) is now available. It fixes a number of bugs in earlier versions, and adds several new features.
* Capability to add demo mode (coming soon)
* Ability to add table prefixes (eg. `toodue_data` instead of `data`)

June 23, 2011: TooDue v0.1.5 Now Available

TooDue v0.1.5 is now available. It fixes the SQL injection attack problem, which was a major reason not to use TooDue. It also fixes several other bugs which confused the interface.

June 19, 2011: TooDue First Release

The first release of TooDue (v1.1.0) is now available! Please bear with me while I configure the SourceForge page.

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